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"CompaSSpa" Well the international professed company acknowledged by independent international agencies with story of 1996 with approved plans as well of training. The reconstruction dispatches consultancies inner design and and inside, intended, balneo-bases slept well. It features an evacuee The database on the execution slept well- the therapists and it slept- personne

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Hello friends-spa industry - manual therapy, massage and spa physiotherapy and rehabilitation and all RE: SPA-workers - masseurs, beauticians, manicurists, noktoplastitsi, bodybuilders and aerobics instructors, beauticians and hairdressers and spa managers! - I imagine myself in terms of history, paying attention to developments in our development! - Have a good page with the company having a modest 15 years experience in training courses and implementation of SPA staff! - Thank you for taking the time!

We thank all our teachers who were in time to us!
-This that can be told is words with two on us: the background and and the propriety! The company is made in 1996 and we existed and we are first, That The medical institute (college) in Sofia produced plans for education jointly by teachers. Start With main activity education of massagers and beauticians. We to the time widened the activity in 1999 as well, included plans for education and the implementation slept well- the therapists. Our educators rehabilitators, the teachers and the plans were admitted from three independent international agencies (number of hours for trainings, teacher's work parties, plans) We won the confidence to major american and english schools and they operate in the sphere on concessionaires She slept well- the industry / Massage, cosmetics, hairdressing, teachers at yoga-fitness and aerobics and etc. / We concluded contracts for trainings and implementation of workers for sheep industry. They helped us for entrenching our point world - wide. We now work with members /allies/, domestic partners and employers in more than 50 occupations for work in various spheres on a sea As well a drought / Ships and and yachts, hotels, restaurants, casinos, farming, plants, a femtometer of as well industrial output, skilled and incompetent labor. / We of assurance announce that we gain each year certainty that steers better indicators for education and and execution of parts of our area. - The others studied as well Us study! 
In the years our partners and teachers constantly were and still are to us!
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