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From 1999  relaunch Our partnership with the international and bulgarian companies, some from the"most huge" in the sector to"the beauty". Our mates are"the king's academy" for beauty and the adjacent of the academia-more in 137 cruise ships, yachts and hotels in prestige resorts and exotic and attractive points. With the time another companies and and the companies preferred cooperation with us really. To We successfully partner with our moment with more than 30 good and firm partners in the country and a foreign country. Our office in Sofia will inform in detail you of everything, for The real direction to your education or the execution. Become part of us!!!

 Our Partners

Tramontane and bulgarian partners

The official representative and and the domestic partner at state company"Demarh - ltd" licensed interlocutor-implementation. A home: Kozloduy .63 . G gate .4 Ap.12 tel.: 0899180970 license 921 and 922, valid Until 17. 03. 2013 only company"Demarh Ltd" -manages spring-implementation, following activity of our company,. We hope To good future cooperation and reliance of your country! - We thank you For Vote Through the years of reliance!

ISPAM - group & ISPAM -tourism

International Association slept well The workers and and the manual therapists, are already fact in Bulgaria as well! The main association activity will last to observe  its line of organization to complimentary seminars, the education and the execution slept well The therapists and and the massagers of the entire world. That that we will change is though related with of labor and a paying. - I want to assure you that the life will be changed wholly on the therapist in its work center. We will align with the proper conditions for labor of each one that she sleep- the base or a deck - house on beauty primarily with the entire responsibility of the law and the personnel at the international agencies. - We will expect measures for the good education and and implementation of cells and the extra-side. We will observe the proper assurance-mishap and and professional responsibility for the therapist and and the employer.

ABMP(association of bodywork & massage professionals)

The international association of her professional manual therapists"slept" The workers. The company is in the right to giving rights its international instructional centers as well schools for qualification training, classification to group of capacity For It"slept" Staff and and etc.

IMA (international massages association)

The international association, executing the level and and the category for the work of the manual therapists and and the massagers with the entire world,.

Harding brothers.


The british company made previously for nearly 50 years as the company forcatering and the services in hetel hospitality. Today she is one of the quickest developing companies, operating the deck - houses, for beauty on board on cruise ships. The continual development made her activity to this The more broad field for the implementation of bodywork-specialists, manipulating the excellent english, indispensable condition is an one always provided the passengers are largely englishmen to Harding Bros on the ships. Each shortlisted candidate rips through the academy to Southampton-giving The certificate about the bygone education.


International flair

The greek company-concessionaire. Nail salons For beauty of the broadside of cruise the ships are smaller and the necessities are trained for specialists with more baggy professional qualification for personnel therefore. Massage + Beautician, massage-+ fitness, beautician-+ manicure and etc. One of the serious reasons about attraction On Compulsive the human is The policy of the company permits rise to the professional hierarchy. The passengers are largely europeans, but there are as well ships, operating excessively american passengers,.

Balbail ar SPA

The company is a dean in sphere of handsomeness for hotels, that are some from most prestigious, in Antalia and surrounds and the namely"international consolation".12 hotels, that are high categorial, and clubs as well slept with bloody good service- the centers. He catechizes the company and the annual bargains are offered in the plans at successful pass as well with quarterly wards on - scene. He already slept with 5- the hotel in Bulgaria as well. The company launched with success of us.

Casino Austria

The concessions feature 24 casinos to prestige ships and yachts and continue extending the activity. The attractive conditions on the work, as the tuition of the work to the ship of the specialization is transgressed ahead excessively. The certificates are issued.


Seven leisure

That company joined our team as well recently. It had surcharged gentleman Karim Mnikas to seven Leisur Ltd. Welcome All sunny and compulsive young humans become a section from the team to a restaurant of irish pub JJ, cabaret, cabaret Likwid, club seven, Oliveto italian restaurant, BJ Jim is restaurant restaurant and castle Jim Camelot. That that the offer of seven leisure makes excessively attractive knows all expenses of candidates, leaving, for Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai and etc  are taken.


Global management

Prestige greek company for american engagement with exceptionally high molds in staff education for ships and and luxury yachts as well as high categorial islands hotels Chalcidice Tinos, Skiatos, Hios, Mikonos and etc. For giving of preliminary education, the company issues certificate / The patent.


Trifillaris Investments Co Ltd


Work largely with bulgarian candidates, As  gives itself the chance of our specialists to work and to develop from in Cyprus with the high wages and and the normal work conditions. Stern Follow On observing the contract!


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